Finally finished writing and recording this song. It’s been just a short clip for to long.

PS, That one little movie quote is probably my best idea ever.

This is probably the last full song I’ve written since I joined my band over a year ago, and I still love it so much.


A brilliant metaphor

#nowplaying Within the Ruins - Phenomena. Thanks to HMV for selling this to me days before release. #phenomena

#nowplaying Within the Ruins - Phenomena. Thanks to HMV for selling this to me days before release. #phenomena

Production DesignAlien (1979)

by Michael Seymour

- For a really long time, that’s all I had. I just had little moments with a girl who saw me as a friend. And a lot of people told me I was crazy to wait this long for a date with a girl who I worked with, but I think even then I knew that… I was waiting for my wife. 

- When you’re a kid, you assume your parents are soulmates. My kids are gonna be right about that.

- She pays me back every day. Just by being my wife.

- I shouldn’t have been with Roy, and there were a lot of reasons to call off my wedding. But the truth is, I didn’t care about any of those reasons until I met you.

- Not enough for me? You are everything.

- He said that you…told him how much you love me…about how you feel when I walk in a room, and…about how you’ve never for a second that I’m the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with.

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Disneyland c.1966 © Nick DeWolf


When ur hair won’t listen to you and its a mess and ur just like ???? I grew you myself??? I gave you life and this is how you repay me??


New photos from Avengers: Age of Ultron (x)


do you ever have second-hand obsessions

like one of your friends is super obsessed with a thing so whenever you see something about it you’re like “YES THIS THING” but you’re not the one obsessed with it. they are. you know very little about this thing and yet it still excites you because it excites your friend